YMCA; London marathon recruitment

Key thought:

‘YMCA really stands for something. When you put those letters on their vest, you’re part of it.’

The challenge here was to create a suite of campaign materials with a real sense of immediacy – but no new photography. With these simple, focused and highly branded executions, this campaign succeeded in filling all 66 of the charity’s marathon places for the first time ever. Previously, the maximum number filled in any year had been 23.

Lisa Pember - YMCA Marathon - 01
Lisa Pember - YMCA Marathon - 02
Lisa Pember - YMCA Marathon - 03
Lisa Pember - YMCA Marathon - 04

Assets created:

Posters, ads, fundraising guide, digital assets such as banners, runner updates and email footers – all co-created with the design and project management team at Click Creative.