The Place2Be; positioning, messaging and key collateral

Key thought:

‘What happens in childhood lasts a lifetime’

Initially, I worked with The Place2Be to develop a fundraising leaflet and was then invited to consider their overall positioning and key messages, and how to flex those for different audiences (e.g. parents, schools and mental health professionals). Today, the charity’s strapline is ‘Improving children’s mental health’, but at the time, there was a good deal of wariness about putting mental health front of stage, especially as the charity was then still quite ‘below radar’ (and pre Royal patron). My suggested positioning of ‘making a lifetime of difference to children in schools’, showed the long-lasting impact of the charity, while also clearly locating it as an in-school service. I hope this served them well on that part of their journey.

Lisa Pember case study place2be
Lisa Pember - Place2Be - 02
Lisa Pember - Place2Be - 03
Lisa Pember - Place2Be - 04

Assets created:

Positioning, key messages, annual report, information and fundraising leaflets, posters, assets for students, ‘mask’ postcards and appeal copy.