The Institute of Advanced Motorists; The Horrible Habits

Key thought:

‘We can’t all be better than average drivers…’

The IAM wanted to promote themselves via social media but had no assets of any kind. I did a bit of basic research and found the top five bad behaviours of UK drivers. I then came up with the idea of The Horrible Habits; a group of characters who would typify them: Road rage Ruth, Tailgater Tony, Speedy Susan, Park-fail Pete and Distracted Dave, who were brought to life as GIFs and short animations to be shared via social media. Sadly, this campaign never saw the light of day (feel free to ask me why), which was gutting. The Horrible Habits are officially in hibernation, but you may still see them on UK roads, especially on Bank Holiday weekends…

Lisa Pember - IAM Horrible Habits - 01
Lisa Pember - IAM Horrible Habits - 02
Lisa Pember - IAM Horrible Habits - 03

Assets created:

Character development, copy and cartoons for social media, co-created by the hugely talented illustrator, John Rowley.