The Institute of Advanced Motorists; Skill for Life

Key thought:

‘Good drivers are heroes’

This set of promotional postcards is a good example of how I am able to create ‘something out of nothing’; no campaign idea, no photography or other assets and only a very frayed shoestring of a budget. The challenge was to encourage younger motorists to improve their driving skill, so I came up with the idea of ‘The World Needs Great Drivers’, as evidenced in by iconic driving scenes in movies, from Thelma and Louise to The Italian Job. A simple graphic treatment turned these postcards into something that not only boosted sign-up rates but so pleased the Chief Executive that he had them framed and put up in Head Office reception.

Lisa Pember - IAM Skill for Life 01
Lisa Pember - IAM Skill for Life 02

Assets created:

Poster and set of promotional postcards, co-created with designer, Sonia Singleton.