Cancer Research UK; Friends programme

Key thought:

‘Keep engaging the head as well as the heart.’

I worked with Cancer Research UK for over 10 years, helping to devise and deliver their Friends mid-value donor programme. This involved successfully evolving a tone of voice that met its audience of intelligent pragmatists, and a distinct look and feel that sat respectfully under the main brand umbrella. I also ran copy workshops with the Friends team to help them feel more confident when writing their own materials. Over the years, many Friends materials were appropriated and rolled out by other teams, including the display panels shown here.

Lisa Pember CRUK Friends 02
Lisa Pember CRUK Friends 03
Lisa Pember CRUK Friends 04

Assets created:

Sub-brand identity, almost a decade’s worth of mailings and newsletters, numerous interviews, display panels, copy training – many items co-created with talented designers, who I introduced to the charity over the years.