British Paralympic Association; case for support

Key thought:

‘If you drew a Venn diagram for this job, Pride would sit right where the circles overlap’

Sometimes an idea will simply present itself and wait for you to see it. That was the case with this brochure for the British Paralympic Association, which sought to convey the sense of belonging and excitement philanthropists could enjoy by supporting the ParalympicsGB team. The simple format allows for the call to action to be seen at every reveal, enhancing the sense of welcome; the messaging and imagery make virtue of proximity to extraordinary talent; and well-chosen quotes work to convey both the thrill of the Games and the charity’s mission; to through sport, inspire a better world for disabled people.

Lisa Pember - British Paralympics 01
Lisa Pember - British Paralympics 02
Lisa Pember - British Paralympics 03
Lisa Pember - British Paralympics 01

Assets created:

Case for support brochure – co-created with the design and project management team at Click Creative.