The Place2Be
‘Mask’ postcards

The Place2Be is a charity working inside schools to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children and their families.

It’s not a ‘simple’ cause such as curing blindness or providing wheelchairs; it’s about helping children to resolve their problems, helping families to cope and form stronger relationships, helping teachers to teach – and society to avoid the many costs of delinquency and social exclusion.

Naturally, even committed supporters and staff members struggle to communicate the charity’s work in a quick and compelling way. Hence this simple piece, originally designed for the desks of busy City workers whose employer had chosen The Place2Be as their Charity of the Year.

The mask format encouraged interaction, while the simple headline style and feature statements provided a snapshot introduction.

The client liked the idea so much it was also adapted to become a generic piece for cold recruitment.

To make contact, please email Lisa or give her a call on 07811 697 243

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