Calcutta airmail to supporters

This airmail pack gave UNICEF supporters an insight into the need for sanitary latrines in India, and the difference their donation could make in remote places like the Sunderbans; an area of mangrove swamps and islands in the Ganges Delta.

Lisa wrote the pack as Chandan Sangupta, the UNICEF worker who acted as guide and interpreter on the team’s eye-opening visit to the Sunderbans. For authenticity, Lisa made plenty of field notes and also recorded an interview with Chandan. She then lifted his phrases and wove them into the copy story – along with key fundraising messages.

The pack was art-worked in India and sent to supporters via air mail, which at the time was cheaper than mailing from the UK. It proved so successful that it was later adapted for cold recruitment – and still in use some five years later.

To make contact, please email Lisa or give her a call on 07811 697 243

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